Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's your Aspidistra?

Lately (as in the last two years) I blog about twice a year. I figured since the new year just started I'd get the two blogs out of the way and be done with them.

I feel the need to mention this band if only to clarify their name: The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. They are not Scottish. They are not Gospel. They are not a Choir. I cannot confirm or deny their ownage of a yard though.

I'm digging them lately, especially the song "Aspidistra." I joked to my wife, I seem to like songs about drugs/heroin (i.e. Velvet's "Heroin", Everclear's "Heroin Girl", the movie Trainspotting). Unfortunately I made this joke in front of my young daughters and they had to ask what "heroin" was. I tried to play it off that I was saying that I liked songs about female superheroes. Not so smooth. I have to admit, my humor does not always translate to kids, but they'll think I'm hilarious when they're teenagers. Anyway, at least this song is about getting clean.

The other reason that I bring up this band is because for some reason this song reminds me of Portland, but I can't really explain why. It doesn't sound like a song I loved in Portland, nor does it even mention Portland. Usually the music that reminds me of Portland is Elliott Smith or Everclear. Regardless, whenever I hear this song I imagine Saturday Market in Portland, underneath the Burnside Bridge. I didn't sell drugs there, didn't buy drugs there, and actually never really bought much there (except I almost bought a cool man bag, but alas it would not have been big enough for my books), but when I listen to it I can't help but picture it. Portland's Saturday Market is my Aspidistra. What's yours?

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - Aspidistra

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